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Atari 2600: Shootin' Gallery

Shootin' Gallery is a target shooting game similar to Sega's Carnival. You control a gun at the bottom of the screen while various types of targets move left and right above. Given a limited amount of ammo, you need to earn as many points as possible by shooting the targets (which include trains, snails, frogs, kangaroos, monkeys, and more). Naturally more points are awarded for targets that are further away or tougher to hit. At the top of the screen is a cuckoo clock which counts down; when time runs out, a cuckoo will eat some of your remaining ammo! To avoid this, the clock can be shot which resets the timer. Every 20,000 points bonus ammo is awarded. When all of your ammo is gone, the game is over and the score calculated.

Description courtesy of MobyGames via a CC license

Identifier atari_2600_shootin_gallery_1982_imagic_dennis_koble_720021-1a_ia3410
Mediatype software
Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.4.8
Publicdate 2013-12-25 11:33:27
Addeddate 2013-12-25 11:33:27
Emulator a2600
Emulator_ext bin
Controller joystick


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Jason Scott
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